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Hello! This is the official topic for Group 2 in the “Mentors Coding Challenge”, started by @Swati_Bang. I am the mentor of group 2 (there are different groups in the collab). Here we can discuss projects and more. This topic is required so that the club can start.

Group 2 member list:

Would you like to join?

Ask @Swati_Bang at the official main topic. Here is a link:

You can ask, although a spot cannot be guaranteed. I do not decide that.

I hope that everyone in the team, in the challenge and perhaps even more people find this topic useful!


Thanks for all of this and for doing the topic!

Please real quick come up with a name and make that the title of the topic. If you don’t want to, that’s fine too!


I’m your judge and yh
That’s it


Alright! We better come up with a name for our team!


Hi @William04GamerA aka mentor!


I don’t have any name ideas currently. Does anyone have a name idea?


Hmm well williampizzaquack gang of team? Sorry it’s such a bad name sorry


oop I am really bad at names hhhhhhh


I hope all of you got a chance to view your theme! Please get started on your project. Remember, the mentor can help however cannot create the project. That is the coder’s job. It is the judges job to monitor this activity and report it to me if anything looks fishy.

Let me know if you have any questions!


(You guys don’t need to find a name if you don’t want one. Group 2 is just fine!)


Well, my suggestion is just to use the name submitted by @Ducks_Happy as nobody else submitted a name.

Also, everyone in the group, if you didn’t notice the theme, it is “Sports”. To all group members: If you would like to, you can set the topic to “Watching” so that you get notified about every single reply in this topic.


If WilliamPizzaQuack is your name, please change the title of this topic to that, with Mentors Coding Challenge after that!


I’m bored so I’ll just start coding something now!


Did you change your name?


Yeah I did!!
I am still Swati_Bang, just with a new name!!

Liza helped me change it, I emailed her and asked.


@Ducks_Happy and @MyPizza what is the progress on your two projects? I hope you are asking @WIlliam04GamerA for help if you need it!

I hope you both understand that you each are making two seperate projects!!


Yes, I am here if anyone need any help! :slight_smile:


Im having trouble coming up with an idea that would relate to our theme


I need some help I’m trying to make a trail art volleyball and I can’t get the circle to be bigger than it already is.


Okay. Can you post a screenshot/a link to the code?

@MyPizza Make something related to a sport. Maybe a ball, a tennis racket or something similar made using Pixel Art or Trail Art?


Sorry I couldn’t do a screenshot
Here’s the circle

And here’s the code