Mentors Coding Challenge 2


Hi everyone!
I know you have been waiting a super long time for this, and ever since I completed the first ever version of Mentors Coding Challenge you all have been constantly asking me to do another! So I am back and at it again!! This time though, I have stricter rulers, bigger and better teams, better grading criteria, and even a change to the jobs list!!! Even if you participated in the other Mentors Coding Challenge, please be sure to read this topic carefully because there were many changes!!!

If you still do not understand any information in this topic, please let me know!! I will answer any questions or reveal doubts! Any veterans to the challenge, please also assist me in answering some basic questions about the challenge!

**FOR VETERANS: Last time I said we would have 2 rounds. That never ended up happening, but please keep in mind that won’t be happening this time either. There is only 1 round!!

Jobs I am Looking for:
-Mentors (4)
-Coders (4)

  • I would like to be a MENTOR (I have read all of the rules and information)
  • I would like to be a CODER (I have read all of the rules and information)

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The mentors “mentor” or assist the coders in creating a project. The project will have a theme, in which the project has to be based off of. Themes will be given once groups are decided. I used to have judges, but I decided to not do those this time around. The mentors can create topics to discuss with their respective coders on their plan!!

-You MUST create a topic for effective communication between me and your group, and also between your mentor and coder.
-You MUST be kind to others
-You MUST not take the help of other groups (unless it is to clarify rules)
-You MUST follow the theme given to you
-If you are planning to leave the forum and/or hopscotch, you must complete the challenge first.
-If you make this commitment, you have to follow through with it. I had issues last challenge with people dropping off the face of the Earth and abandoning their group. I will not condone that at all.
-You must have easy access to the internet/a comfortable device to appropriately communicate with me/your mentor on the forum/hopscotch.
-As following the guidelines, you can only communicate with your mentor on the forum/hopscotch. I do not want to have to deal with any issues of people not following the guidelines while participating in this challenge.

I understand that this is a lot of information, and please read it carefully. If you sign up for a role in this challenge, I will be making the conclusion that you understand these rules and will abide by them. This challenge, I’ve learned requires a lot of communication and effort, and I hope you will demonstrate that and take something out of this.

The mentors help the coders. Mentors cannot code for the coders, this is cheating. Mentors must also be kind to their coders. Mentors have to create a topic to chat and keep in touch with their coder! Mentors can help with design, an efficiency of blocks, bugs, and help with ideas. Mentors can and should also keep progress reports on their coders, and report those progress reports to me on time. Please note that being a mentor requires you to check the forum at least once every three days so I can be updated and keep track of everyone and where they stand.

The coders get the bulk of work. They get the chance to actually code a project that is based off of the theme I give your pair. The coders must be kind to their mentors. Coders have the chance to be creative with their projects! Although being a coder does not mean as much communication as mentors, you still must be connected to your mentor through the forum or hopscotch. Please regularly update your mentor on your progress so they can update me!!!


This is where you can go if you are looking for the criteria for judging! This is where I am going to be judging you on your project! This is a great place to go if you want to double check that you meet all of the requirements before you submit your project!! **Note: Your project does not HAVE to be a game! It can be trail art, an RP, or anything like that!!

Mentor/Coder Relationship
Did you keep a strong relationship with your mentor/coder?
Does your project look the part and have a great outer design?
Do you have a unique idea that abides the theme?
Lack of Bugs
Does your project have no bugs or issues with efficiency?
Is the overall look, feel, and efficiency of your project good?

To submit your final project, you have to share the link to your project and let me know your group #! That can be done on THIS topic! If you do not know how to share a link, please ask your mentor!

Due dates will be given once the groups are finally decided! Please refer to this topic to clarify doubts, and ask your mentor/coder before asking me!!



Let me know if you would like to join my tag list.

Note: I am so sorry if I tagged someone twice! I couldn’t help it!!

Mentors Coding Challenge

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I want to test my mentoring skills.


Thank you so much!!
Let me know if you have any questions!!!


Great idea! I can be a mentor if you’d like!


Awesome! If you haven’t already, please fill out the poll! Thanks for participating!!



To all of you who signed up already, please bookmark this topic, since you will be using it a lot! You can also check out the previous Mentors Coding Challenge topic, which I linked to and you can check out. I am still missing 1 coder and 1 mentor, so if you know anyone, either new people or veterans that you think many be interested, please ask around!! I will be going on a 2-week vacation starting tomorrow, June 30th so I will give out group assignments and themes and due dates then! Thank you for signing up and your cooperation on this!


I would really like to be a mentor if I am allowed to. I was one in the last “Mentor Coding Challenge” (as you know).


Maybe @Ducks_Happy might like to?


Or @KVJ, @GameCodingCrazy123, @tankt2016, @CreatlveCoder, @Elemental_Cat


I can be a mentor! : D


Now we have 5 mentors and 3 coders!
Make that 6 mentors. The coders might need double mentors.
Any mentors want to be coders?


I would really like to but I’m going on vacation soon and it has no Wi-Fi so I cant, I’m really sorry.:grinning:


Could I be a mentor?

I’m a mentor too!

Come at me, literal bro.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also, when are you gonna change your profile picture to Yang? And also, I would have thought that you would’ve been a coder.


I’m going on vacation so I won’t be able to post a lot for the next week. I’m not sure when this will start, though. @the_dancer, I can still come on a bit.


It’s okay, cause even I am gone next week!! I am currently on vacation!
This will only start once I return!



all of you who are participating, this is a last minute commitment check!! if you are unable to participate, please say now!! This will start the week of july 16th, so let me know! We have some uneven groups as you can tell…


I think I am. If you want, I could join the coders group!


Hello. As much as I don’t like doing this, and believe me, I REALLY don’t like doing this, I’m going to have to leave the forum. I’m not allowed to go on anymore. I may be able to come back on sometime in the future, but… I am so sorry to any collabs I signed up for and now have to leave. I don’t have time to tag anyone, so if someone tags @Kinkajou14, please tell them that I will no longer be on the forum. Goodbye, and I will miss you all.


Ok! We will miss you and your informative topics and posts! Thank you for letting me know now, I greatly appreciate it!