Mentor Group Three Topic



@William04GamerA, @ArtisticCoder and @the_dancer this is our topic for the Mentors coding challenge 2.


Thank you so much!!

If you do not mind, can you call this topic the name of your group? Are you group 1, 2, or 3?

All the groups are on the same post I shared!


Okay, done!


Thank you so much!!!




Did you see the theme reveal?

@ArtisticCoder & @GameCodingCrazy123, the theme/due date is revealed! Please get started on your project ASAP!!! Check out the link here:

Happy coding!


Okay, I saw it! I’ll tag Artistic coder in our topic.



She/he hasn’t been too active in the past few days, so I hope we don’t have a disappearance!!


@ArtisticCoder the topics is sun/heat. What ideas do you have? Here’s mine(sorry if some are misspelled I’m on a phone):
An air conditioner installing game(that’s my worst idea I’ve ever thought of, and my only pretty much)
I will add more later when I get them!


That’s actually a good idea! I don’t really know, but this sounds great! Are you my mentor?


No I’m back, it’s just that my mom was refusing me to get on the Forum and my WiFi was down for, like, a week and I’m having my exams next Monday, so my online life is pretty messed up these days…


Since the due date is on the 16th of August, can I start working on it on the 02nd of August? My exams will be done by then…


Yeah, that’s fine, I understand. Exams come first!!!


Yes I am, and thanks! Do you have any ideas? I’ll try to think of more…


I just had a really good one, but I forgot it. Oh well, time to remember…