Mentor group 1 title is too short


This will be our topic for the competition.


This is for the “Mentors Coding Challenge”, right?




Okay, great! Thanks for making this topic. If you are wondering, I am helping @the_dancer with the organization, hosting, judging and more. Feel free to ask me or @the_dancer if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


Thanks @William04GamerA

Please title the name of the topic your group number ex- Mentor Group 2



The title was too short so I added “title is too short”.


Ha, that’s totally fine



Have you seen this yet? Cause I have an idea for the project. I’m only the mentor, you don’t have to use it, but it’s a beach run game. It’s like Subway Surfers or Minion rush, and you try to meet a goal (e.g. collect 100 shells) in a certain amount of time. Maybe “Beat the Heat!” for a name.


I think you guys are group 1 and not 2

I already have a 2…

If I am wrong sorry!


Okay. Let’s do that, it’ll be easy.

Any ideas on the specifics?


Do you have access to custom images? Because you could add pictures of shells, or…

:shell: shell emoji


No. According to Liza I do but I don’t.

Okay. So should it get harder? (IE 100 shells, 200 shells, 400 shells, 800 shells, 1600 shells, 3200 shells etc.)


What do you think? You’re the coder here! Although I do think it would be fun if there were levels…!


Hello!! Don’t want to interrupt,but what is this competition about?


This is a place or something.


I see that now! A mentor group, I’ll leave then…


Okay, so different levels with a place where you can choose and each one gets harder?

Any ideas for obstacles?


Well, I was thinking it would be like Minion Rush.

screenshots of me playing it

On this level ∧ the goal is to collect a certain amount of bananas.
This one you have to run for a certain amount of time.

Also, the goal for the screenshot at the top was to defeat a villain, but I think it would take a lot of code.
And then in the special events on Minion Rush, you have to collect a certain amount of special items. That could be a level possibility.

It was super hard to get these. I crashed each time!


It’s a coding competition. There are mentors to help the coders, but the coders make the final decision, and I guess it’s kinda like a sports bracket.


I could do it.

I’ll start in a week or so, should still be able to get featured.