Memes - who made them



I like memes a lot but who made them to start of with? was it @OrangeScent1 ?


That was I, OrangeScent the first


Orange Scent


Still don't know why it's so popular XD


To the flagger? Why....? There is nothing wrong with this post.


No...? They made the post! Only a reply can be off topic, and it's not like cloggingtge forums, though I once made a topic for talking to Hopscotchers.


Thankyou @OrangeScent1 , they are one of my favourite types of projects and I am glad that they are really popular.

To the person that flagged your post. it is not off topic so why flag this???? XD


Oh and by the way, I am not sure if MP likes geting tagged :wink:


K i'll untag him now :blush:


Meh, that won't work, just for the future!


sorry i am not trying to sound stupid as i am new to the whole forum byut why wont it work?


Well, it is related to memes on Hopscotch...


well it is about projects ON HOPSCOTCH but oh well..:upside_down:


It will send the message when you click post, if you removed it, the message won't go away :slight_smile:


ohh that explains a lot XD! thanks any way


Yeah... But if someone isn't HS related then they get a stormif reminders.


oh. what are stormif reminders or is that just a typo? @AHappyCoder


I am typing on an iPad.


Once in the old days my name was MemeGirl and all my projects. We're remixes of @OrangeScent1 project with diffrent Memes on them! Xd!!


oh i see now. Thanks @DreamyLemon