Meme Team: Making Memes whenever we're availble (Theme from James Bond Plays)


So @KawaiiRose and I had an idea for a club/team...
The meme team!
Making memes so you don't have to.
At, we'll make memes for profile pics or user card backgrounds and whatnot.
You can just tell us what image you want, what you want it to say, and we'll do the rest.
Also, Here's a form for sign ups (@KawaiiRose how many should we take)

Forum Name (with tag):
Reason for joining:
Avalibility(I can't spell):
Niceness (on a scale from 1-10 (it's okay to be honest)):

Sign Ups due soon

Meme mass tag list







@iReesesCup (also sort of a member)



hmm how about no more den 10? wait i have 1 question
am i the co-leader or somethin? just wondering x3


We could probably be like the "moderators'' or "leaders" or whatever you want to call it of this topic, unless you want to be co-leader.
So it's up to you.
10 sounds good.
11 if someone's extremely desperate to get into a club/group.


Fine with me!

If we can be moderators or leaders, then sure! unless i have to be co - leader, its fine!


P.S. @system why are you continually editing my topics?
I don't care I'm just wondering why I have this:


he does dat to me too! dat mad bot...




what should we do now???? wanna chat about club stood, or act like moderators x3


Yo, so let's uh, um, moderate...this...thing...up....



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its fine senpai




I say yes how bout you @KawaiiRose


YASSS of course senpai @AwesomeNachos can be in!


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