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Hi guys!

So I decided to make some memes on HS because like why not right?

Although I kinda left memes are good for ur health and I want to help ppl, so....

And everyone else pls flood this topic with memes that are suitable for hopscotch usage only! Imma pick some and code them.

}All memes are fine, but I'm looking for the one that have all of the below:
-'extremely funny
- text message
- appropriate

K thicks this is probably the poorest condition an anonymous topic has been, but I'm too lazy right now so research please thicks


There's a topic for Hopscotch Memes already. :3
First reply!


I will be making some memes!


It's not hopscotch memes it's any meme that will be hopscotchified




Tortle's For Dayz
(without the commas)












Which one though do not understand


Memes? I can give some! Hold on

Not all Memes exactly…



They'll be so hard to code ;-; I'll look through em


Soz… ill look for more that I have, then find more!




*cracks knuckles* here we go boys

waffles is bringing memes for all the good little coders ∠( ᐛ」∠)_

let's see... we have some text messages here

and this also i guess

* will probably edit with more later


@SmilingSnowflakes pls thicks