Meme contest signup!


Ok there is a contest going on the FORUM!

We need to make little memes like this... .-. BUT EVEN FUNNIER! BE CREATIVE THE WINNER GETS SOMETHING VER SPECIAL ON HOPSCOTCH JUST tag me and I will enter u good luck ppl! :relaxed:


More information would be good...


Umm ok what do u wanna know (;


When does the contest end, can you show some examples, etc.


Mk the contest signup start today and for the next 3 days the actual contest will end in 2 weeks! U can make as many faces as u want just don't go overboard...anything else u need to know?


What is meme?


Meme: search it on google I'm just means a funny quote with a hilarious picture that goes with the quote it could be animations sometimes sometimes not it depends...


There, I made one...


Wow dat was quick um try googling a bit and I will enter that in the contest ...




Sooooo… Who won?


Hmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder😂