Melpar's general topic/AMA (Help with trail and pixel art)



So this is where you guys can request a pixel art or chat about anything pixel art related.Requests will probably be simpler than my large pixel arts and I prefer doing animals especially birds. Check out my tribal elephant and budgie for an idea of my experience.

Request away and have fun coding!:grinning::+1:

P.s. I am notorious for taking ages (like weeks) to do pixel art requests!

Current requests

  • The mini animal pixel arts (monkey, elephant, dog, frog)
  • A Pegasus (maybe)
  • A massive eagle
  • A dolphin
  • Butterfly (maybe)
  • Horse (maybe)
  • Kawaii dino


if u haven't yet u should do a neon rainbow parrot! btw welcome!


Welcome to the forum! I love your pixel art, it should be on Featured!
You will have limited replies on your first day, so beware!

I'll request a fairy. Shades of pink for the wings, pink and green dress, peach skin, light brown hair.
Green shoes.


Welcome to the forum @MelodiousParrot :D


I was so happy to get heaps of likes from famous coders but now I feel like there are expectations!:thinking:

It's okay though because I'll be posting a massive pixel art tomorrow. Hint it's an animal and it starts with the letter 'e'.

BTW I live in Australia🇦:flag_us:


ITS AN ELEPHANT! it has to be an elephant!


Sorry about the flag it randomly changed

YES it is an elephant and its 70 lines!


wow! thats a lot of lines!


There's actually someone who remixed my project with rainbow colours, here it is


It would be super cool if you could do a pelican!

Welcome to the forum, I loved your parrot pixel art! :D


A big Pixel art isn't technically technical ( haha) or very hard it just requires A LOT of patience


Well I think close requests for now, until I complete the fairy and the pelican​:+1:

Feel free to chat about pixel art or other coding as well!


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


So the new update came out and I think I'll try doing the requests with the new editor​:grimacing::grin:.I hope it's easier (they said it was going to be) to do pixel art.

I find the portrait view annoying, especially for a very wide pixel art. Maybe I will just keep remixing my old projects for the landscape view if I don't like it.


So I just published the elephant, it's probably not what you were expecting( in a good way). It took quite a long time so I hope you appreciate it. I had to finish it in the new editor which is pretty good. I'm currently making a landscape drawing pad for all those artists who are annoyed by landscape. Good luck with the update, I don't know what everybody is complaint about its just different.


Belated welcome! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you need!

You pixel arts are amazhang btw


Sorry I only just started your request but I assure you it's going to look great. It's 45 lines


Hi @Gilbert189 do you want the back ground or not for your request?


It's your choice, whatever you'd like! :D


Great profile pic! :+1: