MelonKindOfGuy's General Topic + Q&A


Credit to everyone who did this before me.

Hi this is my genreal topic + Q&A

Rules, be nice, no name calling.

Have fun!!!


Hai. :D


Hi catface4 :-D


Any quiestions or anything? @Catface4


How did you get your username?

How did you find hopscotch?


I like melons and I am a dude.

Lookimg in the AppStore I found it.

Nothing special.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I see a typo
Should I fix it?


Oh yeah I see that to sure I will or whoever.:laughing:


I fixed it! :-D




Hi KVJ!!

i am working on a cool project!


Great! Wanna share it?


Not yet.

It will be out soon!



Any questions?

tag list



Do you think @KVJ is secretly a leader?



I think you are too!

I love your posts and @kvj's

You guys would both make epic leaders!


:expressionless: are you secretly a leader?


No, not even half way there.:laughing:


That's exactly what an undercover leader would say :expressionless: