Melanie Martinez Coding Club 2.0




Yes, there already is one of these.
This is the newer version, the other one was pretty dead.

About the MMCC

In this club, we make projects about the singer Melanie Martinez!
We can talk a little bit but mostly code.
Join for free gifs and fun challenges and projects! :baby_bottle::droplet::cookie:


HS User:
How Many Songs you know:
Favorite Song by her:
Are you without hopscotch:
Are you a fan:
Will you be nice:



Current Hopscotch Activity:

Current Forum Activity:

Have fun!

  1. Smiling Sunshine
  2. Idek. A lot... Maybe.
  3. Ummmmmmmmm Pity Party, Crybaby, Dollhouse, there are many to choose from.
  4. No..
  5. 4
  6. YAS


You're in! I'll add you!


I only know that her full name is Melanie Adele Martinez…


I already knew that XD


HS User: peaches~:heart:️
How Many Songs You Know: all crybaby ones
And some of her dollhouse album
Favorite Song by Her: crybaby or training wheels
Are you without Hopscotch?: noooo
Are you a fan? (On a scale of 1-10): 11.
Will you respect others?: yesssss


You're in! I'll add you! :3


@friendship2468 I'm tagging u here cause I know u like MM


Bump :3
could we get some more members? :D


HS User: Giraffedolphin26 :dolphin: (but I can't access my account anymore, so I'm mostly here to fangirl/help with code)
How Many Songs You Know: all the ones on the Crybaby album and Dollhouse EP plus Gingerbread Man
I'm not obsessed with her what XD
Favorite Song by Her: Either Pity Party or Mrs. Potato Head, but really all her songs are great :DD
Are you without Hopscotch?: Yurpp
Are you a fan? (On a scale of 1-10): 173464746274747271848384.83
Will you respect others?: Duh, anyone that's a Melanie fan deserves to be respected :stuck_out_tongue:


You're in! :3
Let me add you


Can I be vice president???


In this one there is really "levels" of importance like president and such. But if you want to join you can fill out the form :)


HS User: TheRainbwChicken (with emojis)
How Many Songs You Know: I have heard all of them. I have the lyrics memorised to about five of them.
Favorite Song by Her: I can't decide! XD Either Potato Head or Tag, Your It.
Are you without Hopscotch?: Yes... But I will get it back at the end of the summer.
Are you a fan? (On a scale of 1-10): 10,000!!!
Will you respect others?: Yeeeeeeeeeesssss!!!


You're in! I'll add you to the list


Yes I do but I need my Jacob as well
And Harry Potter and Hermione and he whole hp crew


But do you want to join? :3


Can I join because you already know I'm all about that Melanie
(And Jacob and hpand katniss OHHH YESS THG FTW!)


First you have to fill out the form tho


Potter productions
A bunch too lazy to count
Dollhouse or milk and cookies
I have Hopscotch
11 (because Jacob is 100/10) (sry)
Yes as long as they respect... JACOB