Mei's General Topic..Thing?


I Dunno.. I'm Just Very Bored In My Dark Depressing Corner Of Loneliness So I Made This Since Basically Everyone Else Has Made One -_-


Hi, it's cool that you made a general topic! :smile:


Thx! And I Am Actually In A Corner Right Now XD


Are you working on any cool projects?


Hello @Mei-The-Riolu! What is your HS username??


It's Mei The Riolu. Basically The Same, Lel. I Don't Make Much.


Well, I Might Draw Some Things.





Random Husky Meme



Tagging fren @minioncandy who probably is on


Yay Husky Memes


Looking At The Home Page Or Whatever It Is;

(My Topic) 11

Yay It's My Sister's Age


I am 11 too!:wink:


Minnie? Art lesson or fooooooooooood?


Minnie you disappeared? ;-;


Just A Random Opinion Of Mine;
I'd Highly Recommend The Art Program Sketchbook Express


I really like Autodesk's apps. But I use Brushes Redux, because it has more layers, more effects, and more brushes, etc..

If you get Premium, Sketchbook Express becomes a WHOLE lot better, but that costs money... so...


I'll Probably Try That If I Get The Chance.
(Also.. Aaaaaaaaah You Commented On Meh Post In A Big Fan)


And So, Luca Accomplished His Dreams Of Attending A Reasonable Collage And Graduating To Pursue A Career Of Doing Nothing.
(Based On A Husky Picture I Saw Somewhere.)