Mega Summer Camp Team 4

Ok so should we do the advantage points challenge?

  • Yes
  • No

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And what are everybody’s fondest Hopscotch memories?

I am don’t worry.

Do we really need them?

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I don’t think we really need the stuff in the advantage shop. But the secret thing could be helpful, depending on what it is.

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Ooh I’m wicked dem good bois

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Ok so since we’ve decided to skip the advantage points challenge, we should probably start brainstorming ideas for planning our project.

What are y’all’s fondest hs/hsf memories?


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That’s a netflix memory not a hs memory lol

We should really get started.
Anyone have any positive Hopscotch memories? Any at all?

my hs memories
  • I remember sitting on a couch looking at the games on Hopscotch for the first time. The first one I ever played was Kaleidocosmos. It was at the top of the Game Changers page. When I played it I was like, wow, this really isn’t one of those boring coding games where you make the sprite move across a path. I could actually make some really cool stuff with this app. Hopscotch is the reason I became interested in coding.

  • making a typo about CTS’ POL comic turning “soul extraction” into “soup extraction” (please excuse my cringe in this topic)

  • the doodles, oh my gosh the doodles

  • and the duckllama cult

  • and starting #toucangang with GweTV, CCC, and Fundardo

Hi team! How is it going?

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oh yeah this exists
We need to start coding

Anyone else have any memories?

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I lost the topic and had to use my immense -1 powers to locate it, but I have finally arrived! So, friends, True lover of hairy wizard, and Tankt, friend of Sunflower, I propose that we begin our creation!


(Who’s Sunflower?)

So, do you have any ideas for a project?

(reference quote don’t mind me)

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Electogenius is sunflower

Ok sorry didn’t mean to intrude, I’m out of here


Electogenius was granted the title after great astuteness in services to the creation of the creation of the creation of Tulip.

We could do an iPad thing, those were very popular a few years ago.


Oh yeah, like E-Pad and CryPad! Those were popular in 2016, they were fun to play
We could do that and add coded screenshots in a Photos app and in the Safari app, code in the forum website and add old topics from the forum, and code apps of games that were popular things to code back in 2016

Oh, and I wanna try coding a mad libs app with the Save Input block lol

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