Mega Summer Camp Team 2

Hi Team!

Here is your unlisted collab topic for the final collab challenge.

@Leaders will be here to moderate.

Collab information: Mega Summer Camp 2020

Team members: @GweTV


good luck guys

thanks will for this challenge :slight_smile:


so, Gwe norris and cherry, what do y’all wanna do?

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I don’t know if I’ll be on today or tomorrow because of unexpected stuff, but I can help beta test and give feedback.

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Alright sure :D

do ya think you could pitch in ideas?

and ohh should we do both challenges? cause if you get time to write a small “about me”, like your user on the app and what you like to code?

Yeah sure. Something nostalgic about the app is probably working hard to get your first Feature (old, now curation/whatever it is)

Another thing might be being proud of a game or certain project because you put a lot of effort in or you like the end result

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if you have time to do this today it’d be awesome :slight_smile:


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for the “about us” project!


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Hi all

Apparently I’m in this team now

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alrighty! welcome!

should we get a move on y’all?

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I’ll be able to help for a bit if you need me

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what do you wanna code?

I don’t know, what is there to code?

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I am leaving wifi now, but will be back at 4:00 Pm ish (PST)

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so, what’s been your favourite thing on the app so far? like trends wise

Um… I kinda just rediscovered hopscotch a couple months ago, so I haven’t really seen many trends

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ah okay, dw!

@GweTV, @Cherry_Red anything at all?