Mega Summer Camp Team 1

Hi Team!

Here is your unlisted collab topic for the final collab challenge.

@Leaders will be here to moderate.

Collab information: Mega Summer Camp 2020

Team members: @Ren


good luck everyone

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Cool, thanks!

Hey team!

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Hello sage
I am very late
And the theme is nostalgia?
Hmm bg music can be the nokia ringtone named nostalgia lol?

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Oh no bois we need to get going
technically the comp is over

Closed due to inactivity (no apparent activity for 3 or more than 3 months). If you want to reopen this collab, just ask in this topic, and we will help you reopen it!

Note: This topic was previously unlisted, but since it was closed, it has been listed to the community again. It is general practice among the leaders to re-list unlisted topics after they have been closed.

The topic has been searched for any personal collab credentials, such as passwords. If found, any replies containing that information have been deleted. If you want to continue the collab, it is possible for a moderator to recover the post/posts that contain these credentials.