Mega summer camp! *STARTED*! Join now!




Can I be a leader? I will be online just some weeks in the summer!


You don´t need to be online so much. You are added.


Thanks! I will be in my summerhouse and there is no wifi!


Can I join? What will we do?


Things like collabs, coding lessons, chats about hopscotch and more. More info is coming soon!


Ooh, then I want to join!


Can I be a leader?


I can help with logos if you ever are doing something with logos.


I will add @Deadfr to the leader list, but i will not accept more leaders.


Ok! It will be fun with a logo challenge!


We need more members before the camp starts! Does anyone want to join?


Posting here because we need more members to start the camp.


Off topic soz but
WHAT??? I'm on BOTH the FMTLs how come I didn't get tagged????


Ok, I don´t know why but do you want to join the camp? We will do collabs, coding lessons, challenges and much more!


Um... Maybe! I'll think about it c:


Can I be either a student or a teacher?I really want to join.Is there an account at Hopacotch?
Hero Dino


We have no spots left for teachers/leaders, but I added you as a student.
No, we didn't have a special account on hopscotch, you use your own account.


Also, can students volunteer to help with subjects? If they can, I'll volunteer for text art and shape art and drawing.


Of course! 20 characters...