Mega Summer Camp 2020

Want to be sorted into a team and enter the final collab challenge or not?


Yes, please!


Alright. I’m counting you in.


Cool, thanks!


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Had a busy week. I’m so sorry about the delay.

Here it is - The Final Challenge (for 2020)!

This is one of the last events in Mega Summer Camp, and is a themed collab contest. 12 people voted that they wanted to be in the contest, so therefore I have split everything up into four themes with three people each in it.

Team 1


Team 2


Team 3


Team 4


Of course, you want to know more about the challenge. First, three main points:

  • The theme is the same for all teams
  • You are supposed to collab but can do it in any way you want to. A team topic will be provided.
  • As many people start school soon and will be busy, I will take that into accountability

And, the theme…

keep going...
soon there...

Here we go…

This theme is all about nostalgia, and fun memories you have on Hopscotch! I have so many, and you can do ANY interpretation of the memory. You should all decide on either doing a project related to one memory, or including multiple ones (maybe one from each teammate)?

There is no definition of what a Hopscotch memory is. Whether it is on Hopscotch on your fridge, 3D shaded circles, fireworks, spirals, or other forum or Hopscotch things that you remember. It can be from any year - even this one!

You will be judged on:

  • Design (1/5) - How well the project is designed
  • Playability (1/5) - How well your project plays. This includes loading times in proportion to the project size.
  • Theme relation (1/5) - How well the project is related to the theme, but also how well the theme is incorporated in the project.
  • Accessibility (1/5) - How easy the project is to understand for someone who doesn’t know at first what the theme of this contest is.
  • Teamwork (1/5) - How well your team worked together. The time you take on each part in the process does not matter: all that matters is how you communicate and plan the process.

But also - we have some prizes to hand out - the advantages!!!

Every win in a challenge gives you 100 points to spend on advantages in the advantage store below. Advantages apply to the whole team. If your team has points to spend, please discuss what you would like to buy in your private team topics, and then tag me in that topic.

Previous winners that have earned advantage points:
@Nobody, winner of the activity challenge June 28 and checklist challenge #1. Your team gets 100 advantage points
@HopLoc, winner of the second checklist challenge! Your team gets 100 advantage points.
@PumpkinGirl and @FearlessPhoenix, winners of the neon challenge. You are on the same team and do, therefore, get 100 + 100 points (100 each) = 200 points for your team!

Advantages store

The store opens 2020-08-24T16:00:00Z. You will have a few days to buy any advantages. Even if you buy an advantage now, you can save it and redeem it at any point of the competition.

Description Cost
Feedback from me personally at any point of the creation process 125
15 minutes LIVE help from me personally at any point of the creation process 250
Help with ideas with your project from my side (as an addition to your teammates) 75
Color codes in HSB or RGB grabbed by me from any reference image or color palette that you will be using 100
Secret - Will be revealed in 24-48 hours ??


one more thing…

But hey, did you think I was done here? No.

You have 24 hours to earn extra advantages now when you know your teams. Make an “about us”-Hopscotch project for your team together (this is not an individual project, it’s also a collab). I will judge those projects by two criteria: design (1/5) and content (1/5; how detailed and fun the information is). This is an optional challenge, but all entries are guaranteed 25 points, and the winning team of the bonus challenge will get 100.

This means that theoretically can skip the challenge and get up to 24 hours extra time for working on your main project.

Due dates

“One more thing”-challenge ends 2020-08-23T17:00:00Z

The main challenge ends 2020-09-07T16:00:00Z.

After the polls closed, we got another contestant - @Heracc, but since that means that one team will have an extra person, I will decide on which team that @Heracc will be in depending on what advantages you have bought.


this is cool

too bad I didn’t enter lol I didn’t see the advantage points coming


oh nuts idk if I will be on today or tomorrow


Oh sorry, noticed that you aren’t in a team! I can convert your won advantage points to another prize!


it’s fine—I don’t need anything



Darn we have no advantage points
@petrichor @trueharrypotterlover should we do the bonus challenge to earn some? Or do we really need things from the advantage shop?


I’d do it just to find the secret


Ooooo this sounds very interesting!


actually would it be allowed to know the secret early for the advantage points?


If i read this correctly, you will sort me into a team based on what they get using their advantage points?


Nostalgia was first noticed when soldiers actually felt physical pain when returning home after a long time
Hence nostalgia literally means ‘the pain of returning home’
Nice theme
I am half a day late :(


Yes, correct!


Opening date for the advantage shop adjusted

I need to judge the entries for the extra advantage challenge and have therefore decided to delay the opening of the shop with a little less than one day to be able to judge your entries. The shop will now open in approximately one day and 3 hours from when I’m posting this.

See the challenge announcement post for an embedded time that translates into your time zone.


from now on, I will be tagging the teams instead of the whole group

This challenge ended with no entries, which means that you have the same balance for team advantage points as mentioned in the announcement post.

The advantage shop is now open, and those who have advantage points can, therefore, buy advantages.

@Heracc, you will be in Team 2. I know that another team also doesn’t have any advantage points, but I literally flipped a coin to sort you into a team. I hope that’s fair enough for y’all.


Maybe, for trail art, you could do where certain trail shapes can be made