*Mega sigh* I've got wayyyyyy too many glitches. 😢


I've been working really hard on a sorting project. Basically, sentences scroll in from either side of the screen and fall on to a platform in the middle. Depending on which way the platform is titled, the sentences will fall into either "true" or "false" buckets. I had most of my code in the first sentence. But then the entire sentence disappeared. I was incredibly annoyed, but I remembered all of the code, so I added a new sentence which fixed it. But then, when I played the game, the original sentence was still there. The sentence doesn't register in the editor, so I can't delete it. What do I do? (I finally have WiFi by the way)


Hmmm. I have never had this glitch/ :bug: . Maybe emailing the hopscotch team, would be a good idea.


Maybe the switch from no Wifi to Wifi had something to do with it.


It happened during the no WiFi apocalypse


We still had Wifi. Try emailing or tagging