MEGA HOPSCOTCH BOOK {Status: Full, sry} ^_−☆




So i love writing and I've always wanted to be involved in a book but i couldn't. So i said to myself, the best way to help write a short book would be to start one myself!

People I would Really Really like to join:

{sorry if anyone it tagged twice}

Main Characters FULL

People collabing

Writers and editors FULL


So basically, my idea was about this group of people who had never met each other, but were making a massive collab about an app. Then, one of them accidentally makes an error in the code, and a portal opens and s.ucks them into their code. They have to play the game in real life and beat the app but it is a dangerous challenge. Who will succeed?

I was thinking of writing this in docs, so if you want to write, you must have access :D

Thanks, -CC

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EDIT: How much is some :D? @Hermione
EDIT: I am sorry - @friendship2468
EDIT: Thats ok @friendship2468, i have added you back in!
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i can write
oops i didnt see that xD


All writers when they join?



all writers, sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, i will only share it when we have all writers and thats ok!


Cool, can I edit?


Can I be the main character please
If I can, could I be the one that gets sucked into the portal!! And Opens It


do you want to be a writer? @RubyStars


sure, ill add you in now


I'll be a character! I don't have any time to write though, sorry!


Can I be a main character?


@Gilbert189 Ok, thanks! Is it alright if you are one of the collaber su.cked into the portal. If so, what do you want to be called?

@WinningMonkey, I added you in but what do you want to be called?

@Kitkat26, of course you can be one of the mains, what do you want your name to be?





You can call me whatever you want! :D


Ok, boys name or girls name?

I think ill stick with Gilberto...


You better watch out, PT will change it. :laughing:

Try just Gilbert. :D


Why, she jealous or summin? Gilbert it is then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh can I be main? Here is a random form I made:
What is your name?: Razor
Gender: Male
Looks: Black T-Shirt with a giant Hopscotch symbol. Grey jeans too with black nikes
Age: 14
Personality: a calm sins and cos coder who is pretty much Gilberto2.0


Random form was probably not necessary!!!

You got last main spot, Congrats!


:DCould I also be writer too?