Mega Collab: Hopscotch Help Guide

Alright, my goal with this.

I recently thought of the idea to make something out of my ID references you can find in my shortcut topic. The idea is pretty much documentation of blocks kind of like a wiki.

This is the concept I have so far, with the block list on the right and details of the selected block on the main page.

There’s a lot of potential information with each one, and this would be too big of a project for any one person to handle, especially with a busy schedule like mine.

I have all of the blocks currently in Hopscotch right now (normal, secret, beta editor, etc.), but barely started the information for each one. You can see the various types of parameters, sections, and colors of the blocks. So far, I’m only including editor blocks, not math operators, custom rules, etc. though I might consider that later.

So far, the information I have for each one include:

  1. Basic Description: A very shot phrase about the general idea of this block.
  2. All of the Block’s Parameters: Detailed explanation of each parameter, its function, and its type.
  3. What is the Block Useful for? This will encourage users to experiment and use each type of block more, for the most part at least.
  4. The Hopscotch Description, it’s a good thing to include
  5. Methods of Obtaining the Block
  6. The ID Number of Each Block (where I got the idea for this)
  7. If possible, the version of Hopscotch or the month that the block was first seen in.
  8. Projects that demonstrate good use of this block, that way users can get an interactive example of them. Projects should be simple and easy to understand for the most part. I prefer projects that demonstrate a good concept or is worthy of curation.
  9. Tutorials with the block – a good extension of grasping understanding or getting more ideas of how to use it.

When we get enough information, I’ll probably add this onto codepen (or github if my account would work with my circumstances) for all of you to access and refer newcomers to.

Let’s start by suggesting possible things to add to each block’s information, then we’ll get started with data collection.

Contributors get their names credited on every page they contribute to, as well as ePoints for every bit of information that they contribute.

  • I am interested in helping, please tag me for all updates
  • I want to be tagged for occasional updates
  • cool idea bro

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I will tag all contributors later, so please vote in the poll if you’d like to help. There is no commitment requirement, so if you are busy but would still like to contribute, don’t hesitate to!

@⁣omtl @Good-E’s (23) (lmk if you want to join)

Let’s do this!

You can find the latest version of the page here at any time.


I want first reply thank you

Just do whatever block you can and submit information to me. The most help is needed with “useful for”, “app description”, and “community links”.

Other Info Below:

Tag me with blocks that you would like to sign up for and I will add them to this table. Read before you post to see if there are posts I have not caught up to yet. As long as there are less signup posts than the limit for each block, just tag me and say @Awesome_E sign up "block name".

Roles to Sign Up For

I am no longer going to be able to edit this post. Just contribute with anything you can. The best thing to do is to collect links to community tutorials for blocks, as well as copying over 5 use cases and the Hopscotch description. :wink:

Adding the Web App

This webpage is capable of becoming a web app. This means that it will act like its own app, but it’s really just a bookmark on your home screen. To add it, go to the page linked in post 1, and run the setup shown below.

And here it what it should open to the first time. It will remember your theme preference and what page you visited last.


I’m not sure if I can help, but I would still like to be tagged for everything. Thanks! :smile:
First non-creator reply and like.


That’s fine, change your vote to the first option then because that’s how I’ll be forming the tag lists.


Sounds really cool, and helpful for newer users!
@Awesome_E sign up “draw a trail”

Wait there’s pen down/up now?
Wow that’s game changing!


@Awesome_E sign up wait til timestamp change scene


There is, but I haven’t figured out the use. It came very early in development.


Does it work in version 24?


Oh lol


That’s what I’m thinking but have not tested it yet. Maybe has to do with move with trail but was never implemented


@Awesome_E Sign up Destroy and Create a Clone

This will be awesome


Set Z index in app description:
Set the depth layer, objects with the highest value will appear on top of the other objects.
Remove this object from your game. This is useful if you made a lot of clones to quickly draw a background but no longer need them any more. Also can be used if you want to get rid of a character that got knocked out in your game.
Change scene:
Go to a different scene in the project. This will immediately change out all your objects, but won’t change the background.


Just remember we might need to collect more info, depending on suggestions :wink:


Very cool idea m8!


I like destroy
Create a clone
Duplicates the object. Good for clean code. Clones have a number assigned to them, the value “clone index”, with the original object’s number being 1, the first clone 2, and so on. Another block called “Clone Object Times” is accessible by editing the json file—Awesome E’s shortcut is an easy way to get it. The Clone Object Times makes all the clones in 1 frame (super fast) making games have less load times.
What are its uses?
It helps keep the code clean, and is helpful in pixel arts, games and backgrounds (if it’s the create clone Times)
Hopscotch Description
This block creates an exact copy of the current character and makes that copy appear on the screen. The clone will appear right on top of the current character (so it might be hard to see).

For an example, search the community for Spiral Draw. In that project the trails you are drawing with are actually clones!

Maybe something like that for clone?


Not interested. Sorry, E!


Then stop replying, please.

@GameCodingCrazy123 What sections are those for?


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It’s for Create Clone
If you’re talking about my description



@GameCodingCrazy123 I mean, separate your description into the 9 parts listed in post 1