Mega Collab, Guys?



I was thinking it would be fun to do a collab. But wait- not just any collab! I was thinking that with previous collabs, they worked better with different jobs!

So here's the collab:
No ideas!

So the rankings are like this

If you have never gotten trending, rising, or featured, you are a member. I will check profiles and see if you deserve to be updated to a different ranking. You help out with codes but don't make the bigger choices.

If you have gotten trending, rising, or featured, you can be any of the following rankings.
Helper! (Chooses a part to help out with!)
Leader! (I will make the big choices!)

Now the help out part!
Music: @TallAOnForum (leader), @RubyStars, (helper), @Deadfr (helper)
Coding: @SabotageWarning (leader)
Bug stomping: @Hermione (leader)
Publicity and Account Management: @Kitkat26
Beta Testing: @smishsmash (leader), @TheLogoMaster (leader)


Can I join for Leader? I have 1 Trending, Rising, and Featured!


Ok, sure! Now pick what you would like to do as for helping!


Coding. I can do lots and lots of coding!


I have been rising and trending but never featured, does that count to be a member or a leader? Because I would love to join this :D


Ok, sure! You can be member or leader! And choose what you would like to do for the collab!


Ok! I'll put you down for leader and coding! Thanks!


Question: what's publicity and account management?


They help by making announcements and making sure the account is up to date!


Ok, thanks I'll think about what I want to be :D



Just saying, you could be a beta tester and help coding!


Ohhh.... Can I be a beta tester???


Could I be a member and help in Publicity and Account Management? I don't really have that great of coding skills.



Do you want to be member or leader?


Yes! You can!


Leader please! @LazyLizard


Can I do the music or Beta testing?



Leader or member?


Hi! Can I be a Helper or Leader? You choose, I've only had 1 Trending. I could code or do basic music!

I may or may not be biting off more than I can chew. Oh well! As long as I don't have to do it 24/7, I'm open!



Leader for music maybe :P?