Meet my OC Aqua!



I made an OC!!! I'm really exited! It took me A WHOLE ENTIRE DAY. I'm pretty proud of myself! Her name's Aqua, she's is literally almost all Aqua, and she's a rebel ;D
Please ask and dare her! No hard dares though or I won't be able to code them XD
No stuff from YouTube, no inappropriate stuff either!
Yey XD


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I dare Aqua to do a backflip
If that is too hard
I dare Aqua to look like a rainbow


Oh lol I forgot the link XD
Go me ;-;


I will later, I gotta go see my friend I haven't seen in a year now! :wink:


Please only add the tag list if I say so. But thanks!
I'll add that to the topic, and then delete the post :wink:


I dot really know what an OC is....

I've heard of it (


Ah she's so cute! ^3^
I dare Aqua to dye her hair her least favorite color!


Aqua is so kawaii!
Anyway, I have an OC called Cute Jeffie, but it's only that I haven't made a trail art of her…yet​:wink:


I dared her to turn orange


Hey everyone! (@UndertaleTacoz, @GoatLord)
I will do your awesome dares later, I'm with my awesome friend right now!


I dare Aqua to run around and jump up and down like a maniac. XD


I ask her-
wanna b ma frend?

Also I dare you to eat a jalepino and ghost pepper, at once.


Great job she's so awesome!

I dare her to eat pizza with her feet XD


Looks awesome! Great job!