Meditation in Hopscotch? My new meditation helper!



You know when you want to rest but all the apps are paid? Well fear no more with my meditation game with achievements!



Pretty lit XD
Nice job


Its good. I like how you get achevements, but slow the circles a bit, please!


Wow, this is really calming. I love the concept, great job! :D



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  • Great job Hoper!
  • IDK
  • Terrible
  • EVEN A NEW HOPSCOTCHER COULD MAKE THIS (I’ll find that offensive)

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Maybe try to put a slow, calming tune


I love the idea and the achievements – maybe make an info screen to talk about what the program is and how to use it. Really cool!


This is really cool, however an info page would be useful, and maybe slow the circles a bit? It was making me dizzy, not relaxed
Overall good job! :+1::sparkles:


New version!
Bit Slower!


It is really good! It would be cool if you could choose the colors of the circles and maybe add musics, that would be two cool extra features.


By adding the “wait milliseconds 4” block, it’s not that meditative anymore ;-;;, it feels blocky.


Instead, change your variables so that the “ti, time 2, etc.” values are lower and make smoother progress.


@POMTL I’ve made it slower here
PS: I made a new Achivement! Can you find it?