Mechatron! New game!




This is a short-ish adventure game.
You play as a robot!


What was the best part?

  • The First Cutsecne
  • The Escape The Room
  • The Dodge The Bombs
  • The Boss Fight


Mantid! New Game!



Thank you so much! What did you like about it?


I liked the animation at the start!




I'm on a computer, but where's the disk???? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Cool game. Short, but cool. You should make a second version with levels and a shield power up.


its hard to get it to work on my laptop but its realllly cool!

#9!!!!! (≧∇≦)☆:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:


Thank you so much! What did you like most about it?


Thank a lot! What is your fave bit?


Keep trying!


finding the little circle cd thingy! its fun but challenging!


I liked the animation @ the start! (boss fight was V. Hard tho /-:)


Good! That's how it should be!


Everyone seems to like that!
And I'll make a poll.


I made it! It's is such a cool game. Very original too.


Thought the Dodge the Bombs part was a bit hard, as it would reset health when hit. So basically 99% then boop, 0%
Also, the Boss Fight is


EDIT: Everything else was awesome!
P.S. Um... are the prisoner's eyelids a bit misaligned?


I just want to know, was the first part of the boss fight based off lightrail?


No it's not.