Mean personality quiz!


I remixed this personality quiz and I wanna know what THT thinks of it.


Did you report it? also, did you put in the title or they did?


That's mean! Did you report it?


I played it. They are so mean


I was so mad I put that title in.


No, I forgot! Aawwww


That was pretty rude. Why do they have to say the opposite of what we say? all but the Shy one is bad. and also, PERSONALITY MATCH?!?!?!


The title you made was also not very nice either ^^


Again, this draws attention to the bully and the project.
We should stop clogging the forum with all these topics on this bad stuff!


@BuildASnowman could we close this topic please?


My link isn't working 🤔🤔
Edit: I tried again and it worked! Now let's see...
Omg that's really rude! Except the shy one... Unless you want to be shy


Please close this topic it just attracts more bullies


Also, reporting is the number one thing to do, not making a topic about it :slight_smile:


Yes that's true please close this @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman



When seeing these types of projects, don't make a big fuss out of it (this is for everyone). Flagging is the fastest way to remove mean projects, and if the project is really really mean, email the Hopscotch Team, or ask me to email them if you can't. I'm always here a kiwicute2015@g!