Mean HATERS on SmileyAlyssa!



To @SmileyAlyssa Someone is posting mean things on you! It makes me really upset because you rule.:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I have seen some of her haters. They are terrible. But, drawing a lot of attention on them is what they want, DONT FEED THE TROLL. Just report their projects and keep coding:)


Report the bullies and haters! Don't give them attention, it's just feeding the troll. :wink:


What are their names?


This has been talked about a lot but welcome to the forum


I saw a profile called "i hate smileyalyssa". Not there anymore.


It's OK guys :joy: I really don't care! I'm immune to haters! If it's mean, I just report it or email THT! Also, if you just look at how many people dislike me to how many people like me, there is quite a difference! :wink:


They are doing it just for attention. I reported one and they didn't like that so they followed me and liked my protects. Weird Stuff? (@SmileyAlyssa you are cool enough to ignore them)


Many many famous people have haters and people who obsess so much that they want start to hate them! Don't worry @SmileyAlyssa is fine


What I find really sad, is when hopscotchers who WANT to be well known, make a HATER of them so everyone feels sorry for them! They also do: ____#1 fan to get popular! It is confusing!


@PopTart0219 can you lease close this?