Me... needs... physics / gravity... help!



I need help with physics, as in platformer physics / gravity! seriously! I'm only ten and I have no idea how to make this!
Any help will be appreciated!


So, I was making ball physics, but hadn't finished yet, so I publshed it just now for you! If you want something complicated, tap this picture

But if you want something more simple, click this


I want physics like tunnels of terror (by a happy coder, creative coder and rawrbear) or platformer game (by etalax [sorry for spelling]), @SUPERSWAGGY!


You can just look in the abilities for ToT. Ask @AHappyCoder for what's what, he did most of the jumpy gravity stuff


Gravity physics like that is very easy. Funky 63 has a tutorial on it


not that kind of physics / gravity either! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What kind then...?Just naming projects is to general