Me first pixely art!


What do you think about it?
Anything I could improve on?


Oh yeah I saw that a few days ago. That's really awesome, well done! Great for a first :smiley:


It's really good for your first!


But then again mines trash compared to yours.
(Do you specialise in pixel art?)


Yeh pretty much XD it is my favorite other than games. But I like it more than games XD


That's really good. Hehe.


This is amazing, I really like it! Great job there!


Das ist so gut!!!!!!


I love pixel art as well (every other project of mine looks like blarg)!
And, @TheRealBlah, it looks amaze!


Really Cool! Only thing(which you don't have to change or care about just my personal opinion) The blue edges, doesn't really make it look anymore like a cursor. I would recommend a grayish color, but otherwise really really really cool! I need to get better at pixel art...:triumph: