Me being weird and telling cheesy jokes (Come here for happiness :3)


The title says it. If you want weird humor and cheeriness, come here.

If not, then don't :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I'm going to let every aspect of my personality shine in its own weird way through random and cheery posts. I'll post about code and positivity!

Get ready to rock! :D




Why is it that cool and hot are opposites in one use of each word but mean the same thing in another?


"The coolest new trends!"
"The hottest new trends!"


Awesome! :smile: Can't wait to see your awesome fun posts!


"Circus" sounds like someone making up words on a Latin test.

"What is 'circle' in Latin?"

"Uh, ''"


Do you remember when Hopscotch would crash if you put a 'repeat forever' inside another repeat forever?

It was so annoying when people made "HOME BUTTON!" or "MAKE HS CRASH!" projects


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because she was trying to find her joke book.


How To Develop A Totally Random Fantasy Crush And/Or A New Obsession

Step 1: Watch anime (don't ask)

Step 2: Listen to boy bands/female pop singers

Step 3: Daydream

Step 4: Realize that you've become a total geek

Step 5: Be proud of it


Lol XD

Bob: Today the teacher yelled ar me for something I didn't do.

Tim: What was that?

Bob: My homework.



Mind blown


I seriously have so many jokes about potatoes, I just don't know where to starch
knee slap
sits alone at lunch


Here's a oldie and a funny too :D

"Feeling sad? Hug a potatoe!"




On the first day of school, when the teacher was doing attendance I was planning to hold up an actual present when she says my name.

But I didn't lol


Birds are dinosaurs
They can walk on land
They lay eggs
They have scales (under feathers)
And have been around since like the dinosaur time


Alish gave himself a game changer...


Me: sitting alone at lunch, looks sad

Teacher: What's wrong? Oh... Do you miss (name of person who bullied me and got expelled)

Me: Excuse me?!

Teachers are so weird sometimes XD



also that was some pretty good whipped cream can you tell him to bring in some more


"I'm NOT hot. I'm cool."


You mean dis: