MC Topic For Hopscotch!


Before you flag:

I'm making this topic so that if you want to make a collab about MC (Minecraft) you can talk here!



That is innapropriet


What? How!!! This is for MC Collabs in HS!!! Please unflag!


Please unflag guys! How is this off-topic!


Ikr! It is about a collab in Hopscotch!
@PercyJackson9 how is it ina pro pro?


I believe this is a hopscotch collab to make minecraft? Am I correct? If so, why was this flagged?


Because it's a




Yes, and this is a collab on hopscotch.


Yes @Lightningstrike it is a collab for HS


How is a collab in Hopscotch about Minecraft which is ok for kids, ina pro pro? :T


In a pro pro = inappropriate


Inappropriate in a funny way.


Ina pro pro means inappropriate


Please undo your flags This is a COLLAB


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


This is a collab in Hopscotch.


Thank you guys for helping me!


Minecraftttttttttt issssssssss bananasssssssss maybe we can use my collab account collabstation?


If you made a topic about a Percy Jackson collab and people flagged because it wasn't Hopscotch, how would you react? :yum:


Um I don't know but erk I would