MBBC Collaboration Account


I will be taking people for a Collab account.(We’ll decide the name later).(I already have a spare Collab account). First you’ll fill out the form. Then post a reply if you know how to send passwords without anybody noticing. Once you join you shall be invited into MBBC. If you do not want to join the group or you want to leave, please notify my by tagging me. Please also read the official group rules.
Do you want to join the group?:
How often are you on the App?:
Will you participate?:
Artist: @WynterDiamond
Bug-testers: @MR.GAM3R
Idea person:

We’ll probably make some neat and decent projects.


Here's my crack at it -
Username: WynterDiamond
Strength: Arts (not so much people) and Recruiting (what would a recruiter do in this case?)
Do you want to join the group?: Yes
How often are you on the App?: Almost every day, but I will notify you if something comes up where I can no longer be on frequently, and I will tell you for how long.
Will you participate?: As much as possible


Ok, I filled it out, I want to be the idea person


Give people the password to the account.
Also, your accepted!


Your accepted!


We must find more people so we can name
I will tag 5 people


We have already named. It is called MBBC (Mr Blah Blah Coding)


Oh. You said we would name it later...


Oh, that name! Oh, yes we will name that. I said that the account name was MBBC.


Oh okay that makes sense now


Oh okay. Thank you! I don't quite know how to give the password without anyone else knowing, though. I do know that there's a way to make secure topics, but I don't know how. Maybe t1 would be able to put something together for us?


G'night. Tomorrow is the last day of school


@t1_hopscotch @WynterDiamond has something to say


Yes, I was wondering if there was a way to make a topic that is secure so that only a certain group of people can see it. If you can find a way or tell us of a way that this is possible, that would be great!


Goodnight! Good luck with tomorrow :wink:


Can I be a bug tester, please? I don't think I will have time for much coding.


Thanks for tagging me! And that is a good question — it's been raised in other collabs too and I am going to ask THT about this:

Oh in the meantime, there is also this I think:


I am sorry but I am confused. What is this for?



Username: BB-Box
Strength: idk, games??
Do you want to join the group?: I think so.
How often are you on the App?: every day
Will you participate?: a little

I would like to be musician


Okie dokie, your accepted!