Maze Runner Thing .—



So you all know how @OrangeScent1 and @PopTart0219 and many others are creating The Aptitude Test and The Hunger Games and stuff? Well, I want to make a Maze Runner one. I have a few ideas. Please reply if you want to help.

@Giraffedolphin26 @LotsaPizza @LazyLizard @MagmaPOP @Valgo @Rawrbear please senpais

Thank you all! Sorry if you do not want to help and I tagged you!


Thx for tagging me!
I have not read the Maze Runner (yet) but I think I can understand the basic concept (just no spoilers. Pls??)
I can definitely help, but maybe not a lot since I have school and other activities to do.


I haven't read the Maze Runner, but I'd love to help! I cited just check to make sure it's OK, I don't have that much time to code these days. :confused:


Omg I am the world biggest MR fan ;-;


maze runner is just


Did it take you 6 teens dies, whoops, sixteen days to comment
(whoops, my autocorrect ^)


XD nah, i just added her tag today!


How are you going to do the like "what character are you?"
How is it going to work?


Dat true.


Ohh I Senpai....


I was thinking something like the Maze Runner, but (SPOILER ALERT)
Making the maze b. If you read the book there were only 2 mazes, not multiple, like they said in the movies. (UGH.) So, pretty much, you're in the cage thing, coming up from whereever, and you arrive in the maze. Then, the walls stay open at night, the dude comes, etc.


Ooooohhhhh I get it


It might be hard but we can try :stuck_out_tongue:


I could help if you want but I know nothing about the maze runner :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:


That matters not! -ChiYoda 2016


I've read a sample of first book


So I can help?! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


So... Basically, the first group, but you have the choice of Group B, too?


Yeah, so you can go into the girls' maze or the boys' maze. Each one will have different outcomes!


Yep! Of course! Should we have a collab account?