Mayk ay prowfyl pik fohr Nommie


Hi thiys es Nommie. i wuld liyke ay nehw prowfyl pik sow i aym duwing ay cowntezht. Tu ehntr yu haf tu geraw ohr crehayte ay prowfyl pik fohr mey ayhnd powst it heyre! CreativeCoder nows waht i luhk liyke ihf yu wahnt tu geraw mey fohr te pik.


Hi this is Nommie. I would like a new profile pic so I am having a contest. To enter you half to draw or create a profile pic for me and post it here. CreativeCoder knows what I look like if you want to draw me for the pic.

You don't have to draw/create me for the pic, but you can if you want! Or you can do something about soup, or nomnom or idk.

Guwd luhk!


new profile pic


Haha buht yu haft tu crehayte or geraw iht!


Correction: Everyone's new profile pic


Ohk gize buhmp >:3 >:3



PS:always reply to me with a translation