Maybe make general topic names shorter?



Hi! Although a lot of people like general topics, there are also a lot of people who don’t. I don’t think we should get rid of them, although something everyone can do is stop with the long titles. They might be fun, but they get annoying fast. Nobody wants a giant notification every time they are tagged in the general topic. The giant titles also fill latest and make it a lot more annoying when you are scrolling through :o
If you have a general topic with a giant name, no offense but you should probably make it shorter. It would be a lot less annoying to everyone if every general topic was just called “(User’s name)'s general topic” ;D
Thanks! :)



“The Sparrow Flies South for Winter” too long??


It’s not that long, although I think it would be better if it was just Name’s general topic. Just my opinion though ;D


I have a new excuse to spamlike people

When their name is too long, I spamlike them on that topic and destroy their notifs


WHy are you always so shocked?


What about my gt


@smishsmash :joy::joy::joy:

personally I think since it is our general topic we can name it whatever we want. Just a thought


sophia’s gt name is long


oh my god ll :joy::joy:

yeah I agree

Personally yeah I agree I think long usernames are annoying but I just suck it up and deal with it because I think everyone should be able name their topic whatever they want, it’s their topic and I feel like restricting the names takes it way to far eh


@smishsmash @LazyLizard :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah, I think that people should be able to call their topics what they want. It may be a little annoying to have a long topic name, but restricting the length of topic names is a little extreme.


yeah :joy:

And also lolly a lot of people with general topics right now are unable to change the topic titles no matter how long or short because they are too old anyways so


I agree, and sorry if people think mine is long, I try not to make it long.


I was thinking of this before


I agree with smishy, people should be able to name their titles what they want for gods sakes XD


this is ok but don’t change people’s titles for them. let the person do it themselves


NOT to be like the one person who totally hates on this but…
I think if their gt name is longer it shows what they like and who they are. If you just have say, “Kayro GT” that doesn’t say anything about who they are. Meanwhile PinkCupcake8 has a quote and a message and her gt title in the name it shows that she likes Star Wars and stuff.

I will add more so be prepared!


Uh that is never too long.

Also, I agree with this topic. Even I have a shorter name with my third gt


i do agree with you, the long gt names never had bugged me


Ok the real problem here is the gts that are at like 4th gt made by one person. The only reason u would need to have another one is if u got one closed. Ok and long names r fine. Do you yell at the drawing topic cause it has a long name?

Again will be more


That’s so true. I even made this topic about it:

Idk if that topic helped much