May I use your art pad layout?



Okay, so, this is mainly to @iMeow, you can still reply though :D ! I was just wondering if I could use your iArt art pad (the one that was on featured) for my new art pad. I've already stared with it, I can always change it if you want :D

Lol, the deep face :stuck_out_tongue:
So, yeah, @iMeow, can I use your layout?
Ps, your art pads, and your art are AWESOME!
Pps, those colours are mine, not yours, I created them myself with sniffs ToasterRebellion's mind blowing HSB colour picker :wink:


Looks pretty good. Publish it with a derp face


Thanks, but it's still a WIP...maybe on one of my other pads :laughing::yum:


Okay cool. Good luck

#5 many HSB's...HALP MEH PLS!


I was hoping to do something like this, but I'm not well known at all and you will get featured before I even finish mine.


You I ever know, you could!
Be positive!


I could help you if you want I'm good with drawing pads!


Thanks for offering, but I might not be on as much, so I won't be any help, plus, I'm very bad at collabs :confused::pensive::sleepy:
Thanks for asking though! What it your HS user name? I want to follow you :D


SmilingSnowyOwl I have no projects because of hackers!


sighs hackers sometimes... I think I follow you already though!


Just refreshing this topic...


Cough cough...@iMeow...


She was last seen 18 minutes ago, sorry! :\


Meh...I'll wait :D


So sorry! There is a limit to responses (WHY) and my time wasn't finished. But YAAASSSSSS you can use the layout (just please spare some credit for me). I can't wait to use your pad! Good luck on it. And by the way, thank you so much for that project in which you were so happy that I followed you. YOU COMPLETELY DESERVE IT!

And to anyone who wants to copy my project layout, please ask me first.


BTW, I drew a picture for you.... For being so awesome.


Here's a good list of HSB colors!


Best. Day. Of. My. Life.! SSSQQQQQQQUUUUUEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA(if you didn't hear that, I'm surprised!)
1. I remember...that happened to me as well!
2. Thanks that I can use the layout, credit will (obviously) be given!
3. You will use it?! You will use a drawing pad by a measly little hopscotcher like me?! I'm surprised!
4. Thanks....lets hope I don't procrastinate...
5. I really don't deserve to be followed by you...I probably block up your following tab!
7. Can we be friends...?
β˜†:.q. o(≧▽≦)o .q.:β˜†


Ohmergersh that pic is so AWSOME! I am going to try and do a cat for you!