May I please be leader?


Hey @admins I have been wanting to be a leader for a while now I tried to get in touch with you but my email was weird and you were on vacation!


Yeah same!


Can't like so here's a heart:heart:


Why? Why? Why does everyone except me walk/run/whatever else @Follow4LikesOfficial can say out of likes?!?!


What do you meen? Do you meen everyone runs out of likes?


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Yeah I have been on the forum before Ian stared doing his

Yum. We just had a delicious and family-filled Thanksgiving weekend. We hope you did too, even if you don't live in the USA.

Who's ready for Hour of Code???? It's NEXT WEEK!!

It's Monday again, so it's time to welcome our newest forum members!

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If you're new, introduce yourself with your Hopscotch name, your Hour of Code plans, a project you're working on, your favorite project, or whatever!

Welcome to:

YAYAYAY! :tada: We're SO HAPPY you're here! :tada:

Remember: keep your personal info private! Don’t share your last name, email, school name, etc. You can share your first name, age, and Hopscotch username.

PS: Check this2 great tutorial on how to use the forum!


The Hopscotch Team (@Liza @Ian @Alish @Rodrigo @Asha and some more I'm forgetting) chooses which people are leaders. They set responsible role models, and don't fool around. Hope that helped


Yep! But @Follow4LikesOfficial said that if I didn't run out of likes I walked out of likes!


Yes defiantly! The hopscotch team chooses the people who are responsible, helpful, and I think does not get flagged much I only got flagged twice!


Or jogged. Nothing beats a jog.


See the above @mention!


I did


Please back on topic!






Thanks! You guys responded fast!


Well...we are on a lot :wink:


I prefer a nice, brisk powerwalk. Although I've never powerwalked out of likes.
But back on topic!

Leaders are chosen by the Hopscotch team as people who are logical, just, kind, and helpful. If you help people out, are patient, don't argue or be innapropriate, then your chances of leader go WAY up! Just keep those in mind while using the forums, and you may become a leader!


Yay! That's good news!