May i be featured


my account is bubbawubba lol


There's a topic for that.


You can't just ask to be featured with your username like this. You need to submit your best project and put it on the "Nominations for Featured" topic!


Youre better at this than me.


Hi! :D

You don't really ask to be featured. You have to make a really good project that The Hopscotch Team likes, and they might feature it. A good way to get them to see your project is by posting a link to it in the Nominations For Featured topic.

Welcome, by the way! Tag me like this: @treefrogstudios if you need any help


Welcome to the forum! If you click on the box below this text, you will be redirected to a topic where you can nominate your own projects and other projects for featured. THT checks the topic and if they find a cool project, they will feature it!
Here is a link to the topic:

You can always write like this "@William04GamerA" if you need more help!


There is a topic where you can nominate for featured. BTW welcome to the forum! If you need any help just @ me!