May be going to HS HQ!


Yes I may be going!!

My dad may be going to a conference and we go along so yeah I am still asking my mom so I guess we will see!!

If I can go is anyone else going in November?

Just wondering that's when I may go if we do decide to go!!

I still want to talk to @liza after I talk to my mom more!


bye, from the fluffy bear.


I might ask @Liza if I can go this weekend, or any other weekend. I'm not sure if HQ is open on weekends, so we might not be able to visit. :frowning:
@Liza is hopscotch open on weekends? That's really the only time we can visit.


No, because people on work on the weekdays :frowning:


That sounds really fun! Enjoy NYC while you're there, and hopefully you can go!


Well then...

Wait no one can go on the weekdays even if they plan it for them to like take off half day or something?


No, you can go on the weekdays :stuck_out_tongue: When else would you go?


Oh okay :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I'm gonna go soon too. I just moved to NYC for the next, probably 10 years.


I'm going soon too!


Oh, then I can't go. :persevere:




As I stated, you can't go on weekends.


Welp. I'm glad I got an extra month of vacation with the move.



thanks a lot for the info!


Have a great time!

I had an amazing time when I went to HQ! I'm sure you will too!


Well, I ask my parents the next time we go to NYC


Kool! Hope you do go! If you do, have fun!


It's really fun!

Hope your able to go! :D




@KVJ do you know how to arrange to visit HS HQ? I've always wondered this...