Mature Club/Company/Collab [Closed]



HA was the first club I was ever in on Hopscotch, and I quit it. Ask @Snoopy for more details, she made it. :wink:


I mean I can't see your profile picture it's black!


You can't see my Swagbear? :confused:


I can see your swag bear.


Same here! 🤔 (Thinking emoji)


I don't know why but I can't see your profile pic 🤔
@Liza SOS!!!

@Hermione can't see my profile picture..?

Why? Age doesn't matter, if that's what you're thinking. It doesn't mean that we do M stuff either.


I'm in this collab.


What the heck? Why are you being so mean? How is this unfair? :rage:




anyone can join, as long as they have good grammar and stuff!


what do u mean?


I will work on the game when I get home.


It means that I was on 2 topics that she posted on.


dat's kinda mean of HappyDolphin...


@HappyDolphin, there are a lot of people who just don't do good grammar, so this adds maturity to Hopscotch! It's perfectly fine, it was even approved by @t1_hopscotch! :wink:


I think she(/he) took it as THAT kind of mature, you know...


Oh... eww... :sweat_smile:


that's how I first took it as...
until I read it!


This club isn't just for mature Hopscotchers; it's for everyone with good grammar. Although your posts were kind of mean, I noticed that your grammar is good. Also, its okay for @GysvANDRegulus to be on a lot of topics. They are just an active Hopscotcher who has a lot to contribute. It would be unfair for them to be kicked out just because they are on a lot of topics.