Mature Club/Company/Collab [Closed]



Oh no it is closed by t1


Me? Did I list you? Oh, they are already in the club! :sweat_smile:


But I really want to join a collaboration


Use the top link! :wink:


I give you my email? How?


Also, Crafters Club:


They're just suggestions.


Tell me on the topic that you want to join and if you meet the requirements, then email mk38cc@gm (without spaces, obviously) to fill your application in. :wink:


I emailed you, now what?


I'll check it, but @MobCraft, I forgot the password to the email!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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Hi guys, haven't been on for a while now, 75 posts! I actually read all of them, that's what you call dedication to the club! I'd like to say the menu isn't exactly the best, but it will do for now!


About MK38C Company/Club! Can I join, I will make the projects on the weekend, so... Is it open to EVERYBODY?


Let's continue over there! :wink:


There were 42 new posts when I came on. Looks like we have puzzles in any sequence and you earn more than you lose in the final results. And you weren't supposed to vote for the space, that was just to separate the two. How long will it be until we start coding?


Do we have an account yet? Just curious. Also it's kinda putting the collab at stake if I don't contribute anything. Not trying to sound full of myself.

Peace out, AwesomeKitty :sparkling_heart:


Are you an alien? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, guys, we have work to do!!


I can work on a lot of stuff today because of a threat that the superintendent of my school district got of a bomb. 640,000 or so students can't go to school today either because of this. My school district is the second largest one in the US, and the students' safety is the largest concern of the district.


Oh, no! That is NOT good!! :flushed::scream:

Someone made an account, right?


We should just do it on our own accounts unless we use emails for the password of the account that is probably non-existent. And we did do stuff on our own accounts for Puzzling.