Matter on youtube


Just wow.
I dont know.

This is so old nub pls stop no one li-
Uhh idc billy.


I dont get how one can ban sharing account like youtube and whatever.
As you see here, wat? Why did @liza say that? I have tons of questions. On the app it self, your allowed to share youtube, musicly whatever, are you? If not, Why is there a record button. Mort people would post to youtube anyways. But also, when liza posted that it was after she made the doc ban topic. I would write more but im tired.

thanks for listing?


Some people thinks dat they breaks da Internet-safety rules but I dunno...
First reply, BTW!


Yea but really......

Shouldn't be at your own risk instead of straight up banned?


** puppy shrugs **


There was an... accident with docs a while back, and that's why all communication outside the forum is banned. It's for our own safety, a lot of bad things could happen if we didn't have this rule. Kiwi and the Leaders are just trying to protect us. :)


I think she forgot or something.
You can share videos to YouTube because you're most likely going to use it because you're proud of it or something, and not sharing it w/ Hops that don't search it up.


There was a... situation with docs a while back, we hops used to share our HS musical.lys, insta a, youtubes, etc, but since the situation the new rule came into place that no communication outside the forum is allowed.


I remembered, I barley talked about docs, lemme change the title.


I am gonna email Liza about it...
I think meg said KC was mistaken.

I will double check.


Thanks :slight_smile:

But also is sharing YouTube accounts and stuff allowed on hopscotch?


What happened with docs?


We won't talk about that here.




Can I have a PM with you?


Sorry, we don't talk about it here D:


Just asking, why not?


Privacy reasons?



You can say what happened without sharing anyone's personal information...


Good point, but it still could be embarrassing or other stuff im just not going to say.


Because for privacy reasons and others we shouldn't talk about it :wink: