Maths challenge (paused)


I will be posting a maths puzzle i make once a week here.
The puzzles will get more difficult should most forum members find them too easy.
The first challenge:
What numbers should be placed at "A" and "B" ?

This challenge is open to anyone on the forum.


@ThinBuffalo first solved the answers
B = 12 A = 13
Now can anyone tell how he figured out the answers. What maths/method did he use?


Can I be part of this?


Anyone can try and figure out the puzzles

I don't use the mass tag list.
I just listed users who like replying to me.


Uhhh, what is the rule?


If you've seen these maths problems before, you'll know there's a pattern to the numbers.


I'll try to figure it out soon, but math isn't my thing. I'm more of a science person.

Thanks for tagging me, and I do like your challenges/posts.


Oooh, I love these puzzles!

Except for the fact that I'm terrible at them, and the fact that I haven't done one of these in a while.



Great Idea @Stradyvarious!


How about making a HS project with the same math problems? Then the wider HS audience could have an opportunity to enjoy them as well. It could be that each new problem is added to the project so the project eventually becomes a big repository of math challenges. If that sounds interesting but you're not sure you want to undertake all the effort, I'd offer to collaborate with you. @ me on a general topic if you want to discuss.


Hi @Stradyvarious No time no see


Whoo hoo! Maths!

I'll give this a go :thinking::thought_balloon:


I understand that I need to put numbers at A an B, but what are the requirements in the problem? Do the outside numbers have to add up to the interior, blue numbers or is it something else?


The challenge is figuring out what the pattern is.

Once you see the pattern, the math is trivial. :wink:


Ah, I (don't) see. Let's see if this mind of idiocy can figure it out.


Does the colour mean anything?


Probably! This question is stumping me! I've been trying to figure this out!


I've never seen that pattern before....
I'm still Primary 5..


Me too even though I haven't replied! What is it?:thinking::thinking: I am soooo stumped!'


Me neither! I think @ThinBuffalo has figured it out!
I plugged in his values, (he posted them above) and I still don't know why they work!


I've read a few of ThinBuffalo'S post and they seem vereeee smart and stuffs like that....


Yeah me neither.

I can't believe I can't figure it out!! My mom was a math teacher!!