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Hello @mathgirl! :smiley:


Hi! :)


How are you?? (Late)


Pretty good, I guess. (I’m currently watching a movie while checking the forum occasionally, so sorry if my replies are all late. :P)


Nah, it’s okay. Are you still coding the creeper??


Yeah, but I keep procrastinating on it.


I probably won’t be on much on Saturday and Sunday, I have an overdue art assignment I have to finish. (I’ll be on for a bit today, though.)


I might have recently spoiled almost all of Undertale for myself recently by watching a few playthroughs of the game… oh well, I’m pretty sure it isn’t available on iPads anyway.

Anyways, I was thinking of recreating one of the boss fights from it in Hopscotch (based on the playthroughs I watched), but I kind of want your opinion.

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I’ve never played Undertale.

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(Also, just a note, there’s a chance I won’t actually manage to finish the project – it’ll be pretty hard without the subscription.)


Who’s boss fight? I suggest going with one of them that’s not so long and complicated, like maybe Undyne’s? Or Toriel’s?


I’m going to try to make Sans’s boss fight, but if it’s too laggy or hard to make I’ll probably go with Undyne’s.


That’s a big task, good luck!


Just to let people know, I’ll probably post a few test projects related to this on my second account. After all, it’s a pretty big project, and I might want to try some code out in a seperate project before putting it in the main game – you know, just to make sure it works. :)


I’m trying to work on the Undertale project I’ve mentioned in a few posts, but one of the clones isn’t displaying…does anyone know how to fix this? I checked the code multiple times and can’t find anything wrong.

I’ve published the project on my second account, here’s a link:

Also, here’s the pixel art I’m trying to make (sorry the image is so blurry):


(version which shows where the shapes are supposed to go)


EDIT: Actually, maybe I’ll make a seperate topic for this, most people probably aren’t going to look at the posts in my general topic. :P

EDIT 2: Turns out I just made a silly mistake while programming it, it’s fixed now.


This is a cool gt btw do you still post on hopscotch?


Yeah, it just takes ages for me to finish making projects.


I post way to much lol


This is a bit of a side project I’ve been working on. I wasn’t originally going to publish it, but changed my mind after finishing it. :)

(Yes, I’m still working on the creeper trail art and Sans boss fight – again, this was just a side project.)


I’ve been trying to work on my Undertale project, but I tried getting into it today and all my code was gone. (Luckily I have a backup of the project which has most of the code, but I really don’t want this to happen when I’m closer to finishing the project)

This bug’s actually happened twice so far (including this time), and both times it was on my Undertale project. Last time, though, there was still a tiny bit of code left.

Anyway, I’m going to try to replicate this bug in a different project so I can give the Hopscotch Team some information about when it happens (instead of just saying “help there’s a bug, fix it plz” in an email).
Also, has anybody else come across a code-deleting bug like this before?


All right, I did a bit of testing and the bug seems to happen when I get into a draft while the “Wait… Your project is syncing.” message is showing. (Also, it sometimes happens if I tap the draft immediately after the “project syncing” message stops showing.)

I’m going to email the Hopscotch Team about the bug now.


I’ve heard a few people complain about that bug but never experienced it myself