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I’m going to start putting some of my announcements in the About Me section of my profile – I don’t really want to clog up my general topic or announcement topic with posts about having too much homework. :P


I’m thinking of changing my second Hopscotch account’s (not my main one) username to “Mathgirl – 2nd Account” or something like that – it might help people find it (the account) more easily. (Right now, the username’s FunLovingHopscotchGirl.)

Anyway, I was wondering what you thought, so here’s a poll:

  • Change the username.
  • Keep it the same.

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I dunno, I like both of them. :P


Apparently I lost my regular badge without even noticing…

Oh well, I wasn’t using the abilities that come with it anyway. (shrug)


Aw, that’s not fun. :/

Hopefully you can earn it back, :D


Based on a suggestion from X Y Z (I don’t think they’re on the forum), I’ve started working on some trail art of a Minecraft creeper! However, it’ll probably take a few months because of homework and stuff. :/

Here’s the reference image I’m using:



I noticed that there isn’t any borders/background around the (real) top navigation buttons. Is this a different version or did you figure out a way to do that?


It’s just an older version of Hopscotch.


Gg, I just noticed that when I saw the one month later. Thanks for helping out! (*:
It would be cool if they took away them again.


I got regular back. :)

Actually, pretty much the only annoying thing about not having it was having fewer likes, other than that I didn’t really care…


I recently finished a game on Scratch, and I’m starting to wonder if it would work better with a touchscreen. Because of that, I might remake it in Hopscotch! :)

Here’s a link:

  • Yeah, you should remake it in Hopscotch. It would work better with a touchscreen.
  • You should remake it in Hopscotch, but not because of the touchscreen.
  • I don’t really know.
  • You shouldn’t remake it in Hopscotch, but not because of the touchscreen.
  • You shouldn’t remake it in Hopscotch, using a mouse works better.

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EDIT: For people who can’t view it because they’re using an iPad, the project’s pretty much trying to tap a “star” that’s flying through the air before it reaches the end of the screen. The speed it flies at increases every time you succesfully tap it. If you don’t tap the star before it reaches the end of the screen, you fail.


I haven’t viewed it (I’m on iPad) but I believe it would be amazing on Hopscotch! @Mathgirl


This…actually popped up for me. Is there a bug or something?

EDIT: It’s apparently been fixed, but the fix hasn’t been applied (?) here yet.


The same thing just happened for me too!

I’m glad I’m not the only one, haha
I thought my ipad was being Weird


There are a lot of RGB colours in this, it’s taking ages just to type them all in…

Anyway, here’s a small progress update on my creeper trail art! I don’t know why I’m posting one before I’m even finished the head, but oh well. (shrug)

Also, when I’m done, this probably won’t take as long to load as the villager trail art. (I’m using clones.)


Wow, that looks great!




ᴡᴏᴀʜ ɪ ᴏɴʟʏ ɴᴏᴡ sᴀᴡ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴘᴏsᴛ, ᴛʜᴀᴛ’s ᴀᴍᴀᴢɪɴɢ!


um hi
you seem to like my posts a lot so…I thought I’d say hhi
also on my old acc, PaperBagHat_meep