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That is very cool! Well done :smiley:


I changed my profile picture to some pixel art I made a while ago. :D (link is a few posts above this)


I made this project a while ago (before Self variables), and I've finally decided to publish it.

As the title says, it's slow, and it has a few glitches. I was just experimenting with code when I made it, and I might add on to it later.


@Mathgirl, I just made an improved version of your drawing pixelator (I gave you credit for inspiration). It is pretty quick, and you can easily change the pixel size in the code. I can explain how I did this if you'd like.


I took a look at the code, and I think I see how it works.
I was actually thinking of changing my project so it used that method of pixelating things... :0


Apparently the Help With Code category and all the topics in it were deleted, and all of my how-tos were in that category... ;-;

I'll remake them later, right now I have some homework to finish.


Hi @MathGirl! This is Flawless Falcon on Hopscotch. I am one of your biggest fans!

I have a question for you, relating to an art pad that you made.

I am trying to make a drawing pad that will have a whole bunch of features, like stencils, an infinite color pallet, different effects like rainbow draw, emoji draw etc. But I don't know how to make the color pallet, or how to make the pen not draw on the color pallet (I have made multiple versions that have not worked, and the one that sort of worked got deleted because I turned my device off while still in the draft).
I saw that you made one, and was wondering if I could use the code for the side that has the color pallet on it.
I will give credit, and promise to make the rest of the pad very different than yours.
Do I have your permission to do that?
Thank you! :smiley:


Thanks! It means a lot. :D

Sure, you can use the code for the colour pallete! Anyone can use my code if they give credit. :)

The code might be a little hard to navigate (I made the project before you could name text objects, so all the blank text objects are named "Text"), so the two text objects closest to the left side of the editor are the ones that make the main colour pallete. The two circles near them ("Circle" and "Circle 2") are the gray circles you drag around to select the colour you want.

I can't wait to see the drawing pad you make! :D


Thank you so much @MathGirl!


@flawlessfalcon are you still here


Just a little project I made. It isn't much, but I might use it for a game.

In the project, you can make a grassy platform of whatever length you choose. (Well, anywhere from 1 to 9 grass blocks.)

Feel free to remix and add on to the project! :D


Yes. I am still on Hopscofch and the forum @Currency5097193


My answer (I'm making a game with a LOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT of clones):


Are you back. I haven't seen you in a while.


If anyone's wondering why I moved this out of the Random Stuff category, I noticed that it's now sort of like the Lounge category — not all trust levels can access it. Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it fits this category's description (Meta - Hopscotch being the category):

"New suggestions or just want to share the love? Talk about the Hopscotch app. Share tips and tricks, and ideas for projects too."


Hello @Mathgirl!
What do you think of the new HS update?


Hi, BB-Box!

I guess I like it. I think the changes to the design are pretty nice, and I can definitely see how the update might make it easier for new people to use the app.


I'm working on a starter project about trail art, but I'm not sure if I should add an explanation of some of the basics. (The "basics" being curved lines, lines that are thinner at one end than at the other... stuff like that.)

Here's the project so far:

I'm not quite finished with the trail art part of it, I still have to add a few things.

Anyway, what do you think? I'm probably going to add a small explanation of some of the basics of trail art anyway, but I kind of want the community's input.

  • Add an explanation.
  • Don't add an explanation.


If you want, you can go into more detail about why you chose the option you did in a reply. Thanks in advance!


Earlier today, I started working on this trail art of a villager from Minecraft. I’ve only finished the head so far, but what do you think?

Here’s the reference picture:

EDIT: I just realized the face shape’s a little off, whoops! I’ll go fix that.


I really love that! It’s so accurate! :0