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Wow, that's fantastic! :D


Thanks! :D


I've been thinking of changing my profile picture for a while now (a few months, actually), and I've finally come to a decision β€” I'm going to change it.

I know I've had this one for over a year, but it doesn't really fit me. Pretty much the only reason I chose this profile picture is because it's similar to my Hopscotch profile picture. I want a profile picture that shows people a bit more about my hobbies and personality than a smiling Chillanna. :P

I'm not finished drawing my new profile picture yet, so I'll have this profile picture for a bit longer.

Just wanted to let you know. :)


So you're gonna draw it?
Extra cool!
lemme know if u need any help or constructive criticism.


NOTICE: I have quite a bit of homework to finish today and I won't have a chance to work on it at school tomorrow (:scream:), so I probably won't be on much today. (Well, it's only 2 things, but they might take a while to finish.)

Also, after I'm finished my homework, I'll continue working on some pixel art based on this thing I made in Procreate:

Here's the project so far:

I think it's coming along pretty nicely. :D

EDIT: I just realized the colour's wrong. Oh well, I'll fix that after I finish my homework.


That's super cute, I can't wait until it's finished! :D


Thanks! :D

Hi Mathgirl :DD wow i realised we seem to have quite a few things in common (not sure if I've said this already, if so, whoops and sorry about that!)

I also enjoy creative writing and drawing and animation along with coding :relaxed: when I recently did a little 3D animation course, I saw that you can tie all of these β€” you can do coding in animation too :oo

(I dont really share much writing or drawings here because I have other communities for those, albeit not as much activity where I hang around as on Hopscotch)


Wow, really? :0

Huh, I never realized we had that much in common!

Sounds fun!

I want to try that now, but unfortunately I don't know any programs that let you do that. :/ (Unless Hopscotch counts β€” I guess it's possible to make animations in it using trail art.)


when I think about it, all the Hopscotch movies/episodes are animations done with code really hehe.

I guess just as a very specific example, they were teaching us this 3d modelling software (called Maya) and I found it is possible to generate 3d objects at specific positions in the world (just the same as we create clones of objects at X and Y coordinates), along with their path of animation (though I am not familiar with doing either of these, I just see that it is possible)

that was when I discovered there seems to be quite a few things that programming can do in animation with 3d animation/computer simulation alone, though it is not as nice/accessible a tool (as Hopscotch or Paper by 53) I wonder if there are more things we haven't discovered yet.

there is actually more in common :laughing: (I have learnt a bit of Python & HTML and informally some JavaScript as well. I still dont know anything :stuck_out_tongue:)

I think we all have more in common than we think, for example I was learning some of the languages that @Intellection74 is learning and playing around with as well (Lua, Python, Swift)
I think subjects have lots in common, I just had a think about animation and remembered there were these Khan Academy videos on maths + animation

(and you like maths too hehe :upside_down:)

all this doesn't make much sense (I think I should get some sleep now because I just ramble :joy:) but if I have anything to add, I will! (same with music, I can play songs on piano but then wondered about creating music which I never really learnt, but there are videos teaching that online and I very recently found an equivalent of Hopscotch and Paper for making music)

programming is also behind tools for animation as the Khan Academy videos (there are some other things I thought were interesting β€” simulating universe on laptop (in that video, there is no programming but the tool is used for animation) and generating 'sound patterns' with programming)

It's also interesting when you hear things like each scene in Let it Go took 17 hours to render (for a computer to do the calculations for the lighting hitting every object in the scene), that's a blend of animating, art, maths and computer programming too :thinking:

anyway I am blabbing on so I will stop!


Oh sorry, I just wanted to see your drafts (I couldn't find your general topic at the time)
Do you want me to delet my posts? @Mathgirl


Nah, it's fine. It's only a few posts. :)



I'll probably be finished by tomorrow.

Also, if I end up doing the glowing effect (which I probably will), I won't do it pixel by pixel β€” I'll write a program to do it for me. I already have it planned out in my head. :)

EDIT: Maybe I won't do the glowing effect β€” I tried, but it made the project really laggy. :(


Looks awesome! And what program do you mean?


Thanks! :D

What do you mean by that?


What is the program for? What will it do?


It'll make the "glowing" effect around the person.

The thing my pixel art is based on looks like this:

The program will make this part of it:

(except as a bunch of pixels, which is what the picture would be if it wasn't so blurry)


I'm finished! :D


This is a really cool project! :D


Thanks! :D