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Can I ask you Q's about HS?


Sure! :D


Ok thanks!

1 How many features
2 how'd you get into trail art
3 what was your first trail art
4 What project made you really popular
5 first feature
6 how many features

If you can't answer all of them that's fine​:wink:

EDIT: sorry nvm

  1. I'm not sure, maybe somewhere around 20? I tried counting, but I feel like I missed some. (I counted 17)
  2. I don't actually know.
  3. My first "real" trail art was this. (No, I'm not using this as my logo anymore (I don't really have an actual logo), and I don't think I'll ever want to. :P)
  4. I'm not really sure. More and more people noticed me as I published more and more projects, I guess. [insert shrug emoticon here]
  5. My first feature was either Field Rush (spring) or Pong (unfinished). I'm saying it was either Field Rush or Pong because I forget if Pong was featured or not. (Also, I called the project Pong because that's what I thought it was called at the time.)


Ok thanks XD! Yeah sorry for asking very time consuming questions


Do u know anything about sin and cos?


Yeah, I do. :D

(Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. I was going to, but I had to do my homework and I forgot to reply.)


That's fine :'D


I'm working on making some truck trail art, here it is so far:


That's so good! Does it have any meaning into it? Like a backstory?



No, unless you count being bored on the bus as a backstory. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey um sorry if this sound annoying but do you want to join my contest? The color coding blocks thingy


I was actually just about to reply to that topic and say I was going to do it. o_O


oh lol well then 0_o


Something I'm working on for the Emoji Challenge:

What do you think of it so far? :D

(Yes, I know the desk is floating. I'll add legs later. :P)


That looks cool!

What are you trying to create?

Frick this small keyboard


Thanks! :D

I don't really know. I started out trying to make a science lab, but it turned into something like the house of a person who's interested in science. [insert shrug emoticon here]


I'm finished! :D

Here's the link:


Wow, that's so cool, Mathgirl!! Nice job!


Thanks, Inty! :D