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Hellooooo @Mathgirl!


Hi! :D


Hi Mathy!

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3 spam likes in one day? (one from you, one from KVJ, and one from Candycane) Really?


Yes, really


gets likes back

likes one post

loses likes for a few seconds

gets likes back

likes one post

loses likes for 33 minutes

This actually happened.


Habits everyone has.


Story. Of. My. Forum. Life.


@KVJ Again? ಠ_ಠ


Well I think I've liked every single post of yours on this amazing topic so yes.


I think 360 is a decent place to end my liking spree?


I'm probably going to be off for the rest of the day (well, technically it's night for me, but whatever); I have a late assignment and the forum's distracting me.

EDIT: Actually, I might be on a bit, since I sometimes take breaks from doing my work. :)


I think it's time to use this picture again:

The amount of homework I've been getting seems to be steadily increasing, and I might have to be a little less active on the forum (and Hopscotch) to handle it all. (Well, at least in the afternoons.) I'll still be on sometimes though.


Hi XD thanks for liking all the drawing I've been doing XD


You're welcome! :D


I'm really close to finishing this (well, actually, I have been for a while, but procrastination took over), but I have a little problem. When I edit the code, it just...lags. A lot. It takes a few seconds to type just one digit or add one block!

It's probably because of how much code I have in the project. I don't even want to count how many rules ("Whens") there are...

Anyway, working on Cross The Pool is really frustrating with all the lag, so I'm going to put the project aside for a while. :(


Hi, @Mathgirl! :D

I just wanted to say (and should have said way earlier) thank you so much for following me. I really, really appreciate it. Also, your projects are so amazingly...amazing. Your trail art is outstanding (how do you even do it?), and your games are super coolio!

yeah. xD


Thank you so much, PandaBlossom! I really appreciate it. :D


Hey @Mathgirl is this your code?
Or do you create a new account XD