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Nice to see you active Mathgirl!

I was wondering if we could work on a project together if you have the time? I've been working on a project idea but it really needs some help.


Sure! What's the idea? :D


Nice project idea! :+1:🏻:ok_hand:🏻


I'm thinking about making a game like flappy bird but in a black and white cartoon drawing style.

It's going to be a blank page and There is going to be black lines as pipes and a stickman for the bird. I'll need somebody to code an intro.

The intro will be where you were at school (It will still be stick men and black and white themed) in school you will drop your pencil onto the book and it will disappear, desperate to get your pencil back, you go into the book. It'll have a loading screen that will say 'Start' and 'How to Play.' The aim of the game is to go past 10 obstacles and get your pencil back.

I'm also wondering if you would like to help me code the stick man. As your trail art is amazing. I've looked at your profile and your trail arts look really professional.

I will create a collaboration account once I know if your willing to do these things. I'm aiming to get it published by the end of January, it would be great if you had any improvements or any other ideas to add on.


Great idea !! That would be a really good game


Sounds like a great game idea! I'd definitely be willing to help. :D


It would be cool if the pipes were like code green and black (like the one on the computer)


I don't think that would suit the theme.


Ok sure :3


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I guess I'll keep it for the rest of December, then! :D


If anyone remembers, I started working on a game (called "Cross The Pool) back in September. As usual, I ended up procrastinating. However, I recently got motivated to actually work on it, and the first level is now finished!

Assuming I don't procrastinate, the game should be done soon! :D


Plz make another awesome project! You are awesome!


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