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It looks awesome but minimalist! I think you could make the leaves/blossoms be more of a round shape tho!


I just checked Hopscotch and saw that this was featured! Thanks, Hopscotch Team! :D


Something I made in Hopscotch:

I might use it as a background for a game. :D


Hai @Mathgirl! :D


Hi! :D


30 days... I'm so sorry @Mathgirl :open_mouth:


I haven't Hopscotchified music in a while, so I've decided to Hopscotchify Megalovania! :D

I would show you what I've done so far, but I can't really do that with music, so... [insert shrug emoticon here]


I just realized how many projects I've been procrastinating on...

I'll try to finish them (emphasis on the word try) during Christmas break. :D


What do you think of my new bio? :D

I won't be offended if you pick a more negative option. If you do, however, I'd appreciate it if you gave me some feedback. (You know, so I can improve my bio.) :D

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I'm going to use this as a background for a game. (assuming I don't forget about it, that is...)

What do you think? :D


Awsum! Does the snow fall?
hills are too even


Thanks! Yeah, the snow falls. :D

Now that you mention it, I guess the hills are a bit too even. I'll go change that, thanks for the criticism! :D


i love your projects im a big fan


Thank you! :D


math girl replyed to me ( faint ) : x
your welcome


Is this better?




I finally managed to finish one of the daily challenges on the day it was released! :D

Here's a link to the project:

EDIT: Yay, featured! :D


Congrats on the feature! :D
I love how the snowballs actually use physics for their movement, and the little movie thing (that's the technical term) when you lose is awesome!
I guess you could say I had a ball playing it knee slap


Thanks, Puffy! :D

That pun though... XD